President's October Message: STC Board Meeting recap, Homeowners Weekend Agenda and SS1 Workshop Meeting Published a minute ago

Hello Seaside Neighbors,

October is already here! I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Homeowner’s Weekend, October 17-20. You should have received your Homeowner’s weekend packet in the mail and I hope you are able to attend many of the events happening between Thursday and Sunday. This is a great way to meet neighbors across all of the nine HOAs in Seaside. With the weather cooling off, it will be a wonderful time to be in Seaside.

As a reminder, our SS1 HOA meeting will be on Saturday, October 19th at 1:30 in the Assembly Hall. NOTE the new location this year.

If you will not be attending the SS1 HOA meeting, please do return your signed proxy via email to me or any board member or homeowner in attendance. Even though we will not be voting on anything this year, your proxy will help us ensure we have a quorum.

This past Saturday we had our monthly Seaside 1 Board meeting. We ran through our standard agenda with a few extra items of interest. As always, the minutes can be found on our Seaside One Website,

Some highlights: 

1) I summarized the STC fiber optic project and that STC will be inviting the leading internet/cable provider to present at the Saturday morning STC membership meeting. We will have a follow-up discussion on this during our SS1 HOA meeting later that day. I’m attaching a link to the comprehensive study ]()that STC initiated so you have the background. Cost, capability and aesthetics were my high priorities when looking at the options. [LINK]

2) We also discussed an important issue regarding a potential amendment to the Seaside 1 Governing Documents. I want to make sure that you are aware of the facts and what is happening regarding our discussions.

a) This issue arose due to concerns over the management of extensive construction occurring in Seaside 1 (the oldest and coolest neighborhood associations in Seaside) and our ability to enforce rules effectively.
b) The SS1 board met with the STC HOA attorney, who suggested improvements to the Governing Documents to address these issues which ultimately would require a vote of the HOA members.
c) The HOA attorney worked on a draft to the amendments to the SS1 Governing Documents to explore the construction rules. The Board has had one working session to review her draft, but we have not yet finalized any changes and plan to bring these up for discussion to you at the HOW meeting.
d) Our goal is to clarify and document the current Seaside 1 architectural review and construction process. This does NOT include “merging” Seaside 1 with SARC or taking away anyone’s property rights. That was never part of what was being suggested by the HOA attorney.

3) Additionally, the HOA attorney crafted an update to the Bylaws for us to consider regarding Electronic Voting in addition to the current method of voting as an additional way member can vote via secret ballot electronic ballot to reduce the stress and confusion around gathering proxies for those not able to attend the Annual HOA meeting.

4) And finally, we would like homeowners to consider Electoral Term Limits to limit the terms of Board members to bring new ideas and involvement and vision to the Board, at the same time respecting the need for institutional knowledge about the community carried forward.

We look forward to discussing these in more detail during the Homeowners meeting to get your insight if you think these ideas are worth pursuing. Again, expect to see a board-approved summary of these issues and how they would affect you over the next week.

I hope you are all having a great fall season and we all really look forward to seeing you soon.

Kerri Knotts
Seaside 1 President