Hi SS1 Homeowners,

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Seaside was beautiful over Thanksgiving with sunny skies and 60 - 70 degree weather.  The Christmas Parade was a hit, and the town center lighting is dramatic with bright lights on all the Palm Trees and a large Christmas Tree center stage.  Santa arrived and greeted many families and children (including our 2 year old granddaughter) and many Seaside 1 Homeowners were in town.   

Pete and Jacqui Boland had a lovely Boxing Day party enjoyed by those here for the holiday.  If you were as confused as I was by the theme, Boxing Day is a British tradition Pete brings from his homeland that recognizes the day after Christmas in Britain when the gift of a "Christmas Box" typically is given.   Pete and Jacqui are out over Christmas so they moved it up to the day after Thanksgiving. 

Kerri recently sent some clarifications of the Seaside 1 legal expenses that seemed to be a point of confusion and misinformation in the Homeowners meeting.   If you missed it click here for a link to explain this. 

Meeting Minutes for the last Board meeting were posted on the Seaside 1 website and the STC website, click here to review them.  The Homeowners Meeting Minutes are almost done and will be posted soon.   Happy Holidays!

Joel Blackstock
Seaside 1 Board Secretary