Dear SS1 Homeowners,

It was really great to see so many of you in Seaside for Homeowners’ weekend.   We had a really enjoyable and productive Seaside 1 annual homeowners’ meeting that many of you attended.   Some key observations from the Saturday discussions and from the surveys that you completed during and after the meeting (the link to the presentation we presented can be found at the end of this note):

  1. There is broad appreciation of, and support for, the many changes that the new board members have inspired, including regular meetings, open communications to all homeowners regularly, a website with all documents, and a calendar of activities
  2. The new committees - welcoming, social, beautification - are also appreciated and seen as good signs of a community starting to come together and work together.
  3. Most want new ways of expressing opinion and opting out of the proxy wars and are interested in e-voting
  4. We (the board) need to do a better job of explaining our stance on issues such as amendments and how we are spending legal fees

The last point is worth a few words of explanation.   Although I sent out some facts concerning the process that was initiated for looking into potential changes to our HOA governing documents, it became apparent that some of you were given incorrect information regarding what the board was trying to accomplish.  After we spent some “energetic” time discussing the issue, many of you reached out with an appreciation for the process and to offer your help in this matter - thank you for that - we will get you involved.  We will also be sending a detailed breakdown of the legal expenses incurred for SS1 which have been across a range of categories as opposed to what was portrayed incorrectly as for the amendment.  Look for those details to follow.

Now the important stuff!  I want to call out and thank the efforts of those on our various committees.  You have day jobs and busy lives but without you we would not have had such a successful year and HOW.   The Glasgows, the Whites, the Bolands, the Jabbours and Joel Blackstock.   Those committee reports were quite impressive.  In addition, Richard and Gayle Jabbour provided and served three wonderful Chardonnay choices and Jay and Liz Eichelberger (Crepes Du Soleil and Cochina Cubana) served up some really delicious Cuban sandwiches making the first annual croquet event a great success!


And lastly, I especially want to call out the tireless efforts of Joel Blackstock, Chair of the SS1 ARC (who is also Secretary of the SS1 Board and Chairs the Beautification Committee).  This is not an easy job in the best of circumstances, but it is especially complex with the current construction activities across Seaside 1.  An unprecedented number of projects have been underway.  Joel and the SS1 ARC have spent countless hours under great pressure from homeowners on different sides of the table.  Joel has single-handedly added much more rigor to the meeting process in order to guide the design and construction of many new builds and remodels.  We are lucky to have his level of dedication to preserving the beauty and scale of Seaside.


The minutes from HOW are still being drafted, but once we have them ready to post, I’ll send along a note with some additional meeting information  (special topics) that were discussed and also a summary of the STC BOD Meeting.  Your support and feedback has been very helpful.  We look forward to continuing to serve you in the upcoming year!

HOW powerpoint presentation


Kerri Knotts

Seaside 1 President