Hello Seaside One!

As the country continues to move toward less rigorous social distancing guidelines, I hope you stay well and keep yourselves and your loved ones healthy.  I’ve enjoyed most of the past 10 weeks here and have to admit it’s been a wonderful experience living here when things are slow and much less crowded.  I can’t help but imagine what Seaside was like when the town was just starting out.  I hope we are able to retain some of this wonderful feeling as restrictions continue to lift.   I’ve really enjoyed getting to know many neighbors better and have thought a lot about how lovely it would be if we all could be here at the same time more often.  But hopefully not because of another wave of this pandemic!

Our next SS1 Board Meeting will be on June 15th at 12:30.   The call-in information will be on the website calendar and we’ll post an agenda as we get closer. 

Beaches and Vending: 

Private and Public beaches are all open with the exception of Seaside town center.  They are transforming their beach access to a club membership which will help with crowd control.  Our private beaches have had a few instances of large groups and our Tupelo pavilion has as well.  A reminder to always wear you wristbands and to respect social distancing guidelines.  If you have a bigger group meeting for sunset during this timeframe, please consider gathering in a less closed off location so others are comfortable walking through to catch a view of sunset. 

The Walton County Board of County Commissioners recently voted to allow vending on public and private beaches.  Cabana Man is open.  To make a reservation, please visit the website by clicking the link below.    

Cabana Man Beach Chairs 


Short-term rentals are not permitted.   Long-term (Month minimum) rentals are permitted.  It’s being enforced along 30A. 

Restaurants and Shops: 

Many restaurants outside of Seaside have opened up with limited inside seating and fairly ample outdoor seating.  Take-out options are plenty.  The Seaside Commercial District will begin a phased reopening on May 29, with an alfresco style experience in central square.  Parking will not be allowed in town center but there will be increased bike parking locations.                                              

New Gate Codes: 

Owner Code – 35509#, Owner Family/Friends Code – 19052#

New Pavilion Bathroom and Storage Closet Codes:  Effective Thursday May 21st

Bathroom – 1020, Storage – 1021

Stay Well!
Kerri Knotts
SS1 President