SS1 Homeowner's Survey

Thanks to everyone for completing the survey!  We had 26 responses altogether which is definitely a quorum!   

There's still time to complete this survey - we'll update the summary as new responses come in.  Go to the following link if you have not completed the survey:

So far, these are the top 5 concerns expressed by homeowners (with total number of mentions in parentheses):

Concerns about Architectural Integrity, Beautification and similar (27)
Protecting Green Spaces/Common Spaces (13)
Protecting our Private Beach (10)
Parking/Traffic/Noise/Too much commercialisation and similar (10)
Improving SCDC Relationship (5)

This gives great direction for 2019 priority-setting.  Your Seaside 1 board will discuss the results of the survey at our next board meeting and develop plans accordingly.