Construction Guidelines & Rules

May 08, 2019


Dear Seaside 1 Owner:


We hope you all have been able to enjoy a little springtime in Seaside.  If so, you may have noticed some construction underway, and we can expect more in the future.  To make sure that the neighborhood is not too inconvenienced or negatively impacted by these improvements, the Board of Directors seeks your cooperation on the following items:


  • Please plan construction or any type of work on your home so that it occurs over the shortest time period possible. Whenever possible, we ask that you please let us know the start date and anticipated end date for any work.  This information is helpful to us in planning projects so that we can try and avoid overly congested streets, inadequate parking, etc.


  • Before beginning any type of work on your property, please review the STC construction regulations and submit the project to the Seaside 1 Architectural Review Committee. Please note the that hours and days that construction is prohibited. 


  • Every effort should be made to keep the work site as quiet as possible. No audible music is allowed.  Power tools, electric saws, table saws, sanders, drills, etc. should all be used as far as possible from neighboring cottages.


  • Burning of materials or fires on the property are strictly prohibited.


  • The work site should be kept clean and orderly, without undue trash or debris. Contractors should fabricate work off site to avoid both the noise and dust from such work.  The dumpster should also be secured each day. 


  • All portable toilets, construction supply trailers, storage units, and dumpsters must be on the property of the owner conducting the work or at a location approved by STC.


  • Construction vehicles that will be on site all day must obtain a parking pass from STC. If the construction vehicle is only going to be parked for a limited time without a parking pass, such vehicle must be parked in the parking space directly in front of the cottage work site. 


We are in the process of updating our neighborhood’s governing documents to conform to the expectations that we as homeowners have for how improvements should be made and how our rules can be enforced.  We will be sending more information on that process.  With your steadfast cooperation, we can all continue to enjoy our neighborhood and individual homes.  Please honor these guidelines.  Should you have questions or concerns, please contact any board member.  More information can be found at our website located at




The Seaside 1 Board of Directors